PHOTO Credit:  Kelii grace

PHOTO Credit: Kelii grace

Kara Fujita Jovic
Creative Brand Strategist

Kara has spent the past 12 years working in international brand strategy and design for Fortune 500 companies across Europe, Asia and North America. Leading accounts and 360-degree campaigns across touch points - packaging, advertising, digital & social media, experiential and PR. 

Her background also includes editorial and management work in magazines, book publishing and advertising, Having studied fashion design and literature, she's passionate about the power of design and verbal expression to create meaningful and powerful dialogue. Fluent in English and French, she's at ease working in both languages. 

Photo Credit: K

Photo Credit: K

Kelii Grace
Photographer & Videographer

As founder of Kai Media, Kelii is adept at managing the unexpected and finding beauty in the chaos of on-location, live shooting. He has an innate ability to capture the heart and soul of a subject or a moment in time blending photojournalistic style with the visionary eye of a director. His images and final editing infuse emotion and meaning to the story with unique angles, perspective and rhythm, and we often describe his work as having a movie-like quality. 

Photo Credit:  K

Photo Credit: K

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