We are the storytellers


Storytelling is an ancient art. As keepers of the flame, storytellers have kept wisdom and knowledge alive throughout time, paving the way for new thoughts, ideas and perspectives to be known and realized.

Storytelling is more vital and powerful than ever, with audiences literally everywhere, day + night...all the time...exploring online while the gentle and sometimes loud hummmm....and vibration of these stories pulsating through the aether.

While we're sleeping, stories are connecting people, cultures and movements across the world at the speed of light. We now literally live within a never-ending continuum of stories.

To tell stories that are pure, real, honest, insightful, unexpected - stories with depth and courage - that resonate with inexplicable power and vision is a way to impart energetic footprints that become migration patterns of a zeitgeist out into the world. A shared collective of voices rises up when one word is spoken. Our values are our vision. Our vision is our voice. And our voice is what creates worlds and creates our world. 

We live, and have always lived in times that reverberate with the unexpected, the difficult, and in places where the stories we tell about ourselves, our communities and our vision for the future matter. Our stories are our swords. They carve a pathway and navigate the unchartered terriorites of where we want to go, and so, in telling our stories we are deciding what kind of world we want to live in, who we want to be and what we want to create. Our lives begin and end with the stories we tell, the stories that we live.

As we create with abandon and craft with integrity, we know our voices matter. We knowing that if we tell the right stories, the creations that foster the energy of a world we want to live in, that the contracted and expanded place and time we live within can be steered, chapter by chapter into better waters. 

What's inspiring us now -. we need to tell more stories. The right ones.